MGE Energy (MGEE) BidaskScore is increased to Held

MGE Energy, Inc.

The BidaskScore of MGE Energy Inc. MGEEMGEE shows that the shares of the company are now MGEEStrongly Bought Held by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Electric UtilitiesElectric Utilities shows that the sector is Electric UtilitiesStrongly Bought Sold since November 7.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Electric Utilities sector:

MGE Energy, Inc. provides natural gas and electric services. The company operates its business through the following segments: Regulated Electric Utility Operations, Regulated Gas Utility Operations, Non-Regulated Energy Operations, Transmission Investments and All Other. The Regulated Electric Utility Operations segment engages in generating, purchasing, and distributing electricity. The Regulated Gas Utility Operations segment engages in purchasing and distributing natural gas. The Non-Regulated Energy Operations segment engages in owning and leasing electric generating capacity. The Transmission Investments segment represents investment in American Transmission Company LLC, a company engaged in the business of providing electric transmission services primarily in Wisconsin. The All Other segment invests in companies and property that relate to the regulated operations and financing the regulated operations. MGE Energy … read more

MGE Energy, Inc.

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