EPR Properties (EPR) BidaskScore is upgraded to Strongly Bought

EPR Properties

The BidaskScore of EPR Properties EPREPR shows that the shares of the company are now EPRStrongly Bought Strongly Bought by investors.

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EPR Properties is a real estate investment trust. It engages in the developmentˌ financeˌ and leasing of theatresˌ entertainment retail and family entertainment centers. It operates through the following segments: Entertainmentˌ Educationˌ Recreationˌ and Other. The Entertainment segment consisted of investments in megaplex theatresˌ entertainment retail centersˌ family entertainment centers and other retail parcels. The Education segment consists entirely of investments in public charter schools. The Recreation segment consists of investments in metro ski parksˌ water-parks and golf entertainment complexes. The Other segment consists of investments in vineyards and wineries and land held for development. The company was founded by Peter C. Brown on August 29ˌ 1997 and is headquartered in Kansas Cityˌ MO.

EPR Properties

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