Armada Hoffler Properties (AHH) BidaskScore is increased to Strongly Bought

Armada Hoffler Properties

The BidaskScore of Armada Hoffler Properties AHHAHH shows that the shares of the company are now AHHStrongly Bought Strongly Bought by investors.

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Armada Hoffler Propertiesˌ Inc. is a real estate company. The company developsˌ buildsˌ owns and manages institutional-grade officeˌ retail and multifamily properties in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. It operates through four segments: Officeˌ Retailˌ Multifamily and General Contracting and Real Estate Services. The Officeˌ Retail and Multifamily segments consists of scheduled rent chargesˌ straight-line rent adjustments and the amortization of above-market and below-market lease intangibles acquired. The General Contracting and Real Estate Services segment provides various real estate servicesˌ such as general contractor servicesˌ construction managementˌ asset management and development services to third-party property owners. Armada Hoffler Properties was founded on October 12ˌ 2012 and is headquartered in Virginia Beachˌ VA.

Armada Hoffler Properties

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