Tronox (TROX) BidaskScore is lowered to Sold


The BidaskScore of Tronox TROXTROX shows that the shares of the company are now TROXStrongly Bought Sold by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Commodity ChemicalsCommodity Chemicals shows that the sector is Commodity ChemicalsStrongly Bought Strongly Sold since May 3.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Commodity Chemicals sector:

Tronox Limited produces and markets titanium bearing mineral sands and titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment in North Americaˌ Europeˌ South Africaˌ and the Asia-Pacific region. It primarily operates in two segmentsˌ TiO2 and Alkali. The TiO2 segment engages in the explorationˌ miningˌ and beneficiation of mineral sands deposits. This segment produces titanium feedstockˌ including chloride slagˌ ilmeniteˌ leucoxeneˌ titanium slagˌ slag finesˌ synthetic rutileˌ and leucoxeneˌ as well as pig iron and zircon; and produces and markets TiO2 under the TRONOX brand nameˌ which is used in the manufacture of paint and other coatingsˌ and plastics and paperˌ as well as in various other applications comprising inksˌ fibersˌ rubberˌ foodˌ cosmeticsˌ and pharmaceuticals. It also manufactures and markets electrolytic manganese dioxide … read more


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