GasLog (GLOG) BidaskScore is upgraded to Held

GasLog LP.

The BidaskScore of GasLog LP. GLOGGLOG shows that the shares of the company are now GLOGStrongly Bought Held by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Oil & Gas Storage & TransportationOil & Gas Storage & Transportation shows that the sector is Oil & Gas Storage & TransportationStrongly Bought Sold since May 13.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation sector:

GasLog Ltd. is engaged in the ownershipˌ operation and management of vessels in the LNG marketˌ providing maritime services for the transportation of LNG and LNG vessel management services. It operates its business through its subsidiary GasLog LNG Services Ltd.ˌ which provides vessel management servicesˌ including crewingˌ trainingˌ maintenanceˌ regulatory and classification compliance and healthˌ safetyˌ security and environment. The company was founded on July 16ˌ 2003 and is headquartered in Monaco.

GasLog LP.

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