American Software (AMSWA) BidaskScore is increased to Strongly Bought

American Software

The BidaskScore of American Software AMSWAAMSWA shows that the shares of the company are now AMSWAStrongly Bought Strongly Bought by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Application SoftwareApplication Software shows that the sector is Application SoftwareStrongly Bought Strongly Bought since January 29.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Application Software sector:

American Softwareˌ Inc. provides demand driven supply chain management and enterprise software solutions. The firmʿs software and services are designed to bring business value to enterprises by supporting their operations over intranetsˌ extranetsˌ client/servers or the Internet. It operates through the following segments: Supply Chain Managementˌ Enterprise Resource Planning and Information Technology Consulting. The Supply Chain Management segment consists of Logilityˌ Inc.ˌ which provides collaborative supply chain solutions to streamline and optimize the forecastingˌ productionˌ supplyˌ allocationˌ distribution and management of products between trading partners. The Enterprise Resource Planning segment consists of American Software ERPˌ which provides purchasing and materials managementˌ customer order processingˌ financialˌ e-commerce and traditional manufacturing solutions; and New Generation Computingˌ which provides industry specific … read more

American Software

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