Maximus (MMS) BidaskScore is downgraded to Strongly Sold


The BidaskScore of Maximus MMSMMS shows that the shares of the company are now MMSStrongly Bought Strongly Sold by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Data Processing & Outsourced ServicesData Processing & Outsourced Services shows that the sector is Data Processing & Outsourced ServicesStrongly Bought Bought since April 15.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Data Processing & Outsourced Services sector:

MAXIMUSˌ Inc. engages in the operation of government health and human services programs. It operates through the following segments: Health Servicesˌ U.S. Federal Servicesˌ and Human Services. The Health Services segment provides a variety of business process services and related consulting servicesˌ for stateˌ provincialˌ and national government programs including: Medicaidˌ Childrenʿs Health Insurance Programˌ and Affordable Care Act in the U.S.; and Health Insurance British Columbia in Canadaˌ and Fit for Work Service in United Kingdom. The U.S. Federal Services segment offers business process services and program management for large government programsˌ independent health reviewˌ and appeals services for both the U.S. Federal Government and similar state-based programs and technology solutions for civilian federal … read more


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