Basic Energy Services (BAS) BidaskScore is upgraded to Held

Basic Energy Services

The BidaskScore of Basic Energy Services BASBAS shows that the shares of the company are now BASStrongly Bought Held by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Oil & Gas Equipment & ServicesOil & Gas Equipment & Services shows that the sector is Oil & Gas Equipment & ServicesStrongly Bought Strongly Sold since October 26.

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Basic Energy Servicesˌ Inc. engages in the provision of well site services to oil and natural gas drilling and producing companies. It operates its business through the following segments: Completion and Remedial Servicesˌ Fluid Servicesˌ Well Servicingˌ Contract Drillingˌ and Corporate and Other. The Completion and Remedial Services segment utilizes a fleet of pressure pumping unitsˌ an array of specialized rental equipment and fishing toolsˌ coiled tubing unitsˌ snubbing unitsˌ thru-tubingˌ air compressor packages specially configured for underbalanced drilling operationsˌ cased-hole wireline units and nitrogen units. The Fluid Services segment utilizes a fleet of trucks and related assetsˌ including specialized tank trucksˌ storage tanksˌ water wellsˌ disposal facilitiesˌ construction and other related equipment. The Well Servicing segment encompasses a full … read more

Basic Energy Services

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