Herman Miller (MLHR) BidaskScore is upgraded to Held

Herman Miller

The BidaskScore of Herman Miller MLHRMLHR shows that the shares of the company are now MLHRStrongly Bought Held by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Office Services & SuppliesOffice Services & Supplies shows that the sector is Office Services & SuppliesStrongly Bought Sold since December 21.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Office Services & Supplies sector:

Herman Millerˌ Inc. designsˌ manufactures and distributes office furniture systems and seating products. It operates through the following segments: North American Furniture Solutionsˌ ELA (“EMEAˌ Latin Americaˌ and Asia Pacific”) Furniture Solutionsˌ Specialtyˌ Consumerˌ and Corporate. The North American Furniture Solutions segment includes the operations associated with the designˌ manufactureˌ and sale of furniture products for work-related settingsˌ including officeˌ educationˌ and healthcare environmentsˌ throughout the United States and Canada. The ELA Furniture Solutions segment handles the operations associated with the designˌ manufactureˌ and sale of furniture productsˌ primarily for work-related settingsˌ in the EMEAˌ Latin Americaˌ and Asia-Pacific geographic regions. The Corporate segment consists primarily of unallocated corporate expenses including restructuringˌ impairmentˌ acquisition-related costsˌ and other unallocated corporate costs. … read more

Herman Miller

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