How it works

What we believe in

We believe the major US equity markets are efficient:

“In an efficient market, competition among the many intelligent participants leads to a situation where, at any point in time, actual prices of individual securities already reflect the effects of information based both on events that have already occurred and on events which, as of now, the market expects to take place in the future. In other words, in an efficient market at any point in time the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value.”

Random Walks in Stock Market Prices
Eugene F. Fama
Financial Analysts Journal, September/October 1965, Vol. 21, No. 5: 55-59.

We also believe in free access to information. So, you can freely see all BidaskScores since the beginning in 2006.

We finally believe that no quantitative model can predict the future. So, the BidaskScore lets you simply “See Where People Invest”.

Please remember, you invest in people, nothing else.


The 4’000 plus daily BidaskScores are computer generated. BidaskClub’s adaptive algorithm looks at a large set of data in order to find patterns that infer investors’ capital allocation decisions among the US equity sectors and companies.

Technical support

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Launched in 2016, the BidaskClub allows users to follow the evolution of the US equity market. BidaskClub provides a platform to create portfolios and be informed when a company´s or sector’s BidaskScore changes. BidaskClub is provided by LuxFinAdvice.