Here’s what you can see on BidaskClub.com

1. See the BidaskScore of one particular company or sector

Click the magnifying glass on the top right corner to activate the search bar

2. Create your own companies and sectors watchlists

Once you’re log in, go to “my watchlist” at the top right corner

From there, you can create a watchlist by clicking the “+ create” button

Name your watchlist and save it

Once created, you can “Add companies” to your watchlist by inserting the ticker of your companies in the input bar and clicking the “+ Add” button

Refresh your web page to visualise your companies in your watchlist

On a company page you can also directly add to your watchlist by clicking the “+ Watchlist” button

3. See the market through the Market heatmap

Access the Market heatmap from the top left hand side menu

From the Market heatmap page you can navigate through all sectors by clicking on them directly and using the top menu of the Heatmap to go back up one level

You can also navigate to the previous days by using the arrows and the sliding bar

4. Find companies using the Market screener

Access the Market screener from the top left hand side menu

From the Market Screener page you can use the different filters and sorting functions to find the companies that meet your criteria