Semiconductor Manufacturing Int`l (SMI) BidaskScore is upgraded to Held

Semiconductor Manufacturing International

The BidaskScore of Semiconductor Manufacturing International SMISMI shows that the shares of the company are now SMIStrongly Bought Held by investors.

The BidaskScore of the SemiconductorsSemiconductors shows that the sector is SemiconductorsStrongly Bought Bought since September 29.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Semiconductors sector:

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. is an investment holding companyˌ which engages in the computer-aided designˌ manufacturingˌ testingˌ packagingˌ and trading of integrated circuits. It tends to focus on precision executionˌ efficiency improvementˌ and customer service while fostering innovation. The company was founded on April 3ˌ 2000 and is headquartered in Shanghaiˌ China.

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