Himax Technologies (HIMX) BidaskScore is lowered to Bought

Himax Technologies

The BidaskScore of Himax Technologies HIMXHIMX shows that the shares of the company are now HIMXStrongly Bought Bought by investors.

The BidaskScore of the SemiconductorsSemiconductors shows that the sector is SemiconductorsStrongly Bought Bought since September 29.

Here are the BidAskScore of other related companies in the Semiconductors sector:

Himax Technologiesˌ Inc. engages in the development and trade of semiconductors. It operates through the Driver Integrated Circuit and Non-Driver Products segments. Its product include display driversˌ timing controllersˌ wafer level opticsˌ video and display technology solutionsˌ liquid crystal over silicon siliconˌ complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensorˌ and power integrated circuit. The company was founded by Biing Seng Wu and Jordan Wu on June 12ˌ 2001 and is headquartered in Tainanˌ Taiwan.

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