California Water Service Group Holding (CWT) BidaskScore is upgraded to Strongly Bought

California Water  Service Group Holding

The BidaskScore of California Water Service Group Holding CWTCWT shows that the shares of the company are now CWTStrongly Bought Strongly Bought by investors.

The BidaskScore of the Water UtilitiesWater Utilities shows that the sector is Water UtilitiesStrongly Bought Strongly Bought since October 11.

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California Water Service Group is a holding companyˌ which engages to provides water utility and other related services in Californiaˌ Washingtonˌ New Mexicoˌ and Hawaii through its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company is involved in the productionˌ purchaseˌ storageˌ treatmentˌ testingˌ distribution and sale of water for domesticˌ industrialˌ publicˌ and irrigation usesˌ as well as for fire protection. It also provides non-regulated water-related services under agreements with municipalities and other private companies. The company was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in San Joseˌ CA.

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